What is your Return Policy? April 01 2014

All merchandise and beer sales are final.


Something I want is out of stock! When will it be back?

Oh No! We re-order merch periodically, but sometimes it’s a one-time deal. If you don’t see your size or have any other questions about goods for sale, you can submit questions to Merch on our Contact page.

Why don't you sell Teku glasses online?

We tried to, but they are really fragile and often, even when we pack them with the utmost care, tend to break, crack, and chip in the mail.

How is the cost of shipping determined?

Our online store connects directly to USPS, which calculates shipping based on the weight of what you ordered and shipping location.

Do you sell gift cards?

We do! They're available online under MISC, or you can purchase them at the brewpub.

I would like to order some stickers or a gift card, but the shipping cost your website is giving me seems really high.

If your purchase is light enough to be sent with a postage stamp, your shipping cost will be adjusted to reflect that.

I paid for 2-Day shipping but it’s been three days and I haven’t received my order. Where is it?

All of our packages are sent via USPS Priority mail. The wording of USPS Priority Mail recently changed to reflect the number of days it should take to ship. Priority 2-Day or Priority 3-Day is of no extra cost to you, and the number of days listed reflects the number of days it should take to reach to you once it has been scanned by the US Post Office. Please note this does not include processing time.

What is your Return Policy?

All merchandise and beer sales are final.



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